Sheep & Wolves

Episode Three:
Lance: Sleep master, we’re here!

Lance’s persistent tapping on Tony’s shoulder woke the banker up, they were parked in front of his bank branch at Victoria Island and Tony had slept off in the car. He took a look at his left wrist, “Jesus, nine thirty!” he exclaimed.

Lance: well, the traffic on the 3rd Mainland was just the beginning bro, getting through the chaos in Ikoyi was a miracle!

Tony: I’ll need another one to happen if I’m not to be sacked!

Lance: Don’t worry your head on that man, your car broke down, traffic was chaotic…

Tony: I wish it’d be that rosy but even roses have thorns!

Lance: You do have a point

Tony: Thanks a lot though, and sorry I’ve dragged you to be late…

Lance: Actually, I was going home…

Tony: Oh, where do you stay?

Lance: Admiralty Way, my folks house there at least though they’ve relocated to the U.K.

Tony: We should catch up man

Lance: yea, this is my card; the second number’s my personal cell. We can arrange something later.

Tony: Ok

Lance: And don’t worry about the car, we took it to a service centre around and thank goodness you had your papers in the car. So you can go pick it up there later.

Tony: Thanks man, I owe you biggie!

Lance: you sure do, later now.

Tony: Later…err, how did you know this is my branch?

Lance: I came across one of your business cards while searching for the car papers.

Tony: Figures, thanks again.

And with a wave of the hand, Lance drove off for home while Tony went into the bank awaiting the shortest day at work but as he stepped into the baking hall, he got the rude shock from one of the girls over the counter, “Mr Tony, thank God you’re here, thank God!” she said frantically.

After asking what was wrong, Tony found out the bank had just been through a robbery. The robbers; eight in number, had been waiting for everybody to arrive and when the manager came in, they took her in for a few minutes, by the time they returned she was bleeding from her nose and was walking uncomfortably.

But when she got to the main safe with three of the robbers, she had a change of heart and decided not to open it. One of them lost it at that point and shot her from point blank. The one that shot her was shot in return by another who shouted something about them not being able to open the safe again.

The third robber there however noticed the manager had inputted the pass code to the safe, all that was needed was her fingerprint and the key to open the safe and both would not be much trouble since she was lying there almost lifeless and the key was in her left hand.

The two then called her, the girl from the counter, to join them in filling the bags with money and four bags were filled. So the two left, a two bags for each one of them and joined the five in the banking hall and after a few minutes, they begun ransacking the counters and customers as well as the staff before making away with two of the company cars, after somehow disabling the tracking system on each car.

“So where’s Bridget?” Tony finally asked after gulping all that information, “oh, they’re just about getting her ready to receive proper treatment” said the girl who then led him to where the bank manager had been treated by a doctor who was in the bank when the robbery took place.

“Oh my God”, Tony gasped at the sight of blood all over Bridget’s all white formal outfit. It was now stained with the deep red of her blood and she was barely conscious when she spotted Tony, “it’s… it’s good to… see you.” The short sentence had taken a lot from the little strength left in her but you could see in her eyes she was grateful to see him and it made him wonder if his anger at her was warranted at all.


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