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Random thoughts…live from Lagos city of God!

I didn’t watch it live as most people did (as evident on facebook that evening, annoyingly), I came around to doing so very early this morning and so here’s what I have to say.

When news of his death first came, I was watching Ocean’s Twelve and the initial shock of MJ dead was calmed by the thought of a man becoming free from the bonds of being “the greatest entertainer of all time” ala cost of living “the life”, child molestation, intrusive surgical procedures just to mention a few.

The fact that Mariah Carey along with Trey Lorenz sang my second favourite song by MJ (I’ll be There) in the first performance of the memorial increased my interest, Queen Latifah coming on stage sealed my attention to it and she was real when she spoke.

But the part I enjoyed most, wasn’t the time the Motown founder spoke and got a standing ovation or when this Pastor (keep forgetting his name, Al something) kept hammering on the mic, it was Magic Johnson’s “speech”.

No doubt, Kobe spoke well but wetin Kobe know for MJ…the guy just said what was proper for the occasion but Magic, with personal ties with MJ was the real’st person who came to the stage…the grilled chicken part of the story got me reeling!

After that, I don’t think I really had my interest on the memorial though Brooke Shields…well, she’s his friend either way so no crime crying/weeping/sobbing. MJ’s oldest child breaking down when it was her turn to speak sort of summed up the evening from the Jackson family view.

I won’t miss MJ…I never knew him. Plus I have the music from him I like and I wouldn’t wish anything for him, I have no right to. But one sure thing from me is, the respect I would always have for MJ, along with Quincy Jones; a combination incomparable, will always be…

Later in the morning; when dusk/morning dew had long made way for the scorching noon sun of Lagos, I came across a Kia Picanto (the tiniest vehicle from the South Korean carmaker) with a bit of load attached to it.

…please, whichever Agency that handles the Dana account must have felt quite accomplished or something when they thought of making a moving…hmmm, a mobile…mini billboard but that load attached to a Picanto??? I don’t want to imagine a Marcopolo breezing past the tinny lil Kia.

Don’t get me wrong o, it’s a noble idea. I just don’t like the idea of a “physically weak” car for the campaign which definitely made/left its impression on those that came across it…at least 8 out of 10 heads gazed in wonder/amazement/”impressive”/genuine interest and last time I checked, that’s what effect advertising should have; story for another day.

Finally but not shortly, I then went for “owambe” (yes ke) somewhere on the Island and on our way (our being my folks, my bro and I), we got arguing about; of all things, the size of two particular SUVs (some people just don’t learn…no names called!)

After further deliberations on SUV sizes and directions and near mis-direction on the Lagos highway, we got to the Church service before then proceeding to the koko of the whole thing aptly summed in a word and number, item 7!

But trust traffic on the Island; the cause, near non-existent…the effect, near cause for suicide among other things, we spent an hour and half just on the Marina stretch that on an abnormal day in Lagos should take 45 seconds to clear, give or take.

Annoying thing is we got over the Marina stretch and got to destination “7” about four minutes after, just in time for the second round of drinks, then some food, a bit of small chops, some witnessing of few fake laughs just so one feels among and on and on till “oh, will you look at the time!”

So with life celebrated; as we went for a friend’s birthday, the return journey home began with a conflict of directions, “‘ok, take right.’ ‘Right ke, go left jo’ yada yada yada. But halfway home, a question comes up in mid-conversation, “you see that, that one is medium size…”, we burst into laughter in the middle of traffic on the Mainland caused by almost nothing and effectively pissing every other road user except four filled bellies, now that’s life.

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