Four Lanes 1

The white & black held his vision, regularly interrupted by two fast-paced circles of black & sometimes, cloud of black in nonchalant pursuit of its origin.Fists clenched stiff to sides of d forehead, Faragamo shirt roughed up with sleeves improperly layered to reveal veins synonymous with interconnecting roots in some deep forest as d Amazon burdened d knee caps that long had begun courtship with d initial stimulus of pain, knees under navy blue denim with a streak of black streaming slowly down Luke’s leg.

She stopped short, for a moment forgetting her conversation on d Vertu Constellation. With collar of cream trench coat up, more out of fashion but still in sync with d weather, Michaela ended d conversation, dropped d Vertu into a pocket, left look – no need for a right – & strode across to d pavement that cut d four lanes of d expressway in d mid.

Michaela looked back from whence she’d come, he was as he was. She crouched, “hmmm”. Stood & turned her back on him, right glance & across she went. Again, she turned to him, “perfect”. Crouched, stood, then she looked around her. A bench; idle, worn, dark-brown more from age & partly from rain of d morning, sat just behind d gutter. She sat on it, not minding d design to be drawn on her black ‘pencil’ denim, d coat’s length would cover her blushes there.

Rummaging through her cream bag with gaze (& prayer) on Luke; who still adhered to d law of kinetics, Michaela pulled out a 12-megapixel Sony camera & powered it, all still with her gaze on him. *shutter*, “perfect”. Two more from d same position b4 standing to take three more. Instinctively, Michaela sat back with two Mercedes Benz S-class cars about confluencing from d opposite lanes, one Burgundy d other, Maroon. Camera & finger @ d ready, she waited for d picture to birth. *shutter*, she took d first @ d sight of d headlamps, *shutter*, at d sight of d tail-lights. She switched off d Sony.

On then she went in d direction she initially came, dropped into d Honda, bag flung to d back with keys in hand now. She made for d ignition…


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