Premier League – 3pronged title race

With 5 games to play in d Premier League,I’m more than elated to c this season’s title race involves 3 of d traditional ‘Big 4’.Surprisingly though,Arsenal’s continued to defy critics by clawing back in2 d title race after seemingly losing grip on d chase of a first league shout since ’04.

Chelsea lead & hold quite a healthy advantage on goal difference but my gut feeling says d Blues won’t laugh last regards d title.I say this not becos I’m a Gunner but simply due to d Blues ‘eraticness’ over d course of d season coupled with d fact they went out of d Champions League earlier than usual.

Yes,I feel playing in2 d later stages of d Champions League helps Chelsea be more of a threat/closest to their potential (depends on ur view) in d league but as it is now,d fight really isn’t in them.Rather,it’s more of a gotta-win-on-d-day attitude…an attitude that tends to fail against unlikely opponents ala Hull, Everton, Fulham & Wigan.Looking through Chelsea’s fixture list,I wouldn’t be celebrating d crucial win over Manchester United…Tottenham’s very after 4th place & Liverpool’s on a sort of ascendency coupled with d games coming away from d Bridge.

Come in United.It’s wise to stick to a winning team for obvious reasons,but when d nucleus of that is one factor…d obvious danger is coping in d absence of d ‘joker’.Now that Wayne Rooney’s out,United’ll find it pretty difficult on d home stretch of both fronts.Bayern is capable of dissipating United’s resolve come Wednesday with Robben back in their fold & d Red Devils haven’t exactly been immune to uncharacteristic losses in d league this season.

Not to say Berbatov’s below standard,he’s world class!Only that,he’s a world class ball controller with few goals in him.If he were used as a support striker that he truly is,United probably won’t be in this fix of having to play a Macheda on point…it’s Arsenal that specialises in handing teenagers d big roles in d title run-in,Sir Alex’s got it gravely wrong here.

And speaking of teenagers,Arsenal’s have sort of passed d age of teen & now in d early 20s,r more mentally capable of handling their potentials to physical effect on d pitch ala Bendtner & Walcott.

Bendtner has turned cornerstone & talismatic van Persie’s injury lay-off has been a blessing d disguise for d Dane.Walcott on his part has done his World Cup chances with England a world of good with his play of late.

Reality check though: captain Cesc’s out for d season,van Persie may not be d smoking gun just right after returning from his ‘break’,Arshavin’s out till month’s end.It leaves d bunch of Nasri,Diaby,Eduardo,Clichy & Vermaelen along with d two previously mentioned with d responsibility of raising their games to help Arsenal quell d demons & win a title (that isn’t sponsored by ‘Fly Emirates’) as well as ‘justify’ a ‘visionnaire’ Arsène Wenger.

In conclusion,d pressure will most be on Chelsea to maintain d lead,win d title & deny United d brag of a 4th consecutive triumph,a triumph that is source of pressure on United.For Arsenal,it’s all about ending that title drought & this is d best opportunity for d Gunners to silence their critics.Manchester United is my 1st pick for d title though I’m more for a surprise surge @ d league title from Arsenal.Chelsea can make do with d FA Cup this season.

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