Random Thoughts

Roses – thus goes d popular saying,”life isn’t a bed of roses”.I disagree!Life IS a bed of roses but since people mostly buy plastic versions of roses,we tend to forget d beautiful flower actually has unfriendly thorns jutting from its stem.

Easter – With Good Friday marked,Jesus is fighting down in hell following his crucifixion @ Golgotha.Does that give room for unhindered sinning?

Rights – I find it incredulous when d issue of “Women’s Rights” is raised…not to say women aren’t equals,but such ‘activism’ tends to confirm d weaker sex tag placed on women!

Movies – Avatar was a normal story shot in pretty above-normal manner.Meaning,I don’t c what d fuss is all about,save for d graphics.Looking forward to Iron Man 2 though.

Love – d rule is simple!Don’t settle with someone for d sake of having a partner.don’t go about searching for d person when u can be d right person for someone already!

Music – Dr. Dre’s still working on Detox!If it ever sees light of day,he better make that album one worth being a classic even in d next century.

Soccer – Manchester United versus Chelsea,what’s it gonna be?I’d prefer a draw or at worst,a Chelsea win!As for d Champions League,d 2nd leg between Barcelona and Arsenal is so evenly poised,another classic looks in d offing!

Stephen King – Now,that’s one crazy fellow!That’s why he’s so good!

Grammy – what’s with R. Kelly & Wyclef Jean always being shunned for awards…? R especially!?!

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