Youth Empowerment

It is nearly satisfying to see that more Nigerian youth are starting to take keener interest in the polity of the nation, voicing their discontent at what is wrong with the system and why unacceptable actions such as corruption, kidnapping et al continue to persist.

However, until the feeling is fully satisfying and not just nearly; since almost does not kill a bird, the Nigerian youth still have a plenty lot to do in order to realise the better Nigeria we yearn for.

For years we’ve voiced against a regressive Nigeria and the recycling of leaders to the point where fresh, progressive ideas to move the nation forward has become impossible but in reality, it is action that speaks louder and better than words.

It is where the House of Succour comes in, giving opportunity to motivated youth to brainstorm on ideas capable of impacting positively on themselves and their immediate environment initially with the ultimate goal being to have a halo of development that will steadily and surely have its positive effect on the country.

So rather than sit back in expectation of those in power to have a sudden awakening and run things in the manner we deem proper, letting our resentment of the poor state of the system withhold the true potential of greatness that lies in us youth, let us more than stand up for a better future, let’s conceive and work towards a better future ourselves.

This we can achieve by simply channeling our energy to developing our talents, whatever they may be, through consistent training either by self or more advisably from professionals. One needs not try being in a profession because it is the widely accepted one, we can only impact on our nation by giving our nation the best of what we naturally are good at, not what we’ve learnt to be good at.

Take a look at the recently released movie Ijé that stars Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde among others, the script of the film production was done by Chineze Anyaene, a Nigerian student at the prestigious New York Film Academy, as a thesis. And if she was not determined to see her work come to reality; having gone to length in convincing Omotola and Genevieve in particular to be a part of the project, the impact the film Ijé is destined to have on the Nigerian film industry as evident in the rave reviews it has received so far would not have come to fruition had she not decided to “conceive and work towards a better Nigeria”. For all we know, she could well have executed the film over at the US and not involve any Nigerian artistes on it, then it would be her personal glory. But here, it’s a win situation for her, the Nigerian film industry and the country as a whole; which is what we should strive to achieve.

Discover what you’re very good at; something you’ve found capable of doing well with ease and even under pressure, and then set about improving yourself at it. You will do yourself a great good by that and our dear Nigeria by extension…yes we can!

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