Random Yarns: “Love is beautiful. Love is Kind. Love is Slowly Losing Your Mind”

There’s that part of a movie, most probably one you’ll find made by Hollywood, where a character is in a stand-off with a second character holding a third character; a friend/ally/one way or the other on the side of the first character, hostage with a gun to the head or knife to the neck of Character Three while Character One has a gun pointed at them whilst being threatened by Character Two to either “drop the weapon!!” or watch Character Three die.

With an opening to shoot down the evil Character Two down and consequently save Character Three without injury nonexistent, Character One makes it clear to Character Three; to the latter’s trepidation and/or resignation to his or her fate, of about getting potentially injured fatally whilst assuring that Character Two will definitely die from the same shot no matter what… and *bang* Character One shoots afterwards. Character Two dies as promised and Character Three is saved, albeit with a bullet wound to some part of the body that’s not fatal. *cue in film score – fade to black – film credits*.

The above sub-plot is just a shade of love we humans share. Love can cause pain; like the bullet wound, it can be quite complicated; like the structure of the previous paragraphs but with trust, it gets those in it through a rough patch.

Take another shade of this love wan-tin-tin and I must say, you may need to hold yourself for this for there was this one time I came across a mother with her three young children at the roadside; they were beggars.

Apparently, the infant third was suffering from a bout of influenza and hence, had a running nose. By some fate, the infant’s nose reached its catarrh limit the moment I walked by them, allowing me to witness the mother make to kiss her child; as her head-ward move to the infant seemed at first to me.

Next thing I see, she actually ‘kisses’ her infant’s nose whole, does so unashamedly and sucks the catarrh right from the nostrils of the dear child. Some five seconds after she’s done ‘kissing’, she spits out the catarrh b y the roadside and wipes the now jolly infant’s nose with her cloth.

The above scene showed me that love can be messy and a’ times require one half of those in it to get a dirty job out of the way for the sake of the other half’s happiness but in the end, the relationship is actually improved thanks to the sacrifice of one half.

Just thought I’d give a peek into how my unscrewed mind sees love right alongside your conventional hug-hug, kiss-kiss, “daddy buy me iPad 3!!”, “thanks for the customised Arsenal jersey bro”, “did that kid just get a Bentley on Super Sweet 16?!” “Baby, just this one time… ” “C’mon mummy, all my friends will be at the party” among many various other shades of love.

P. S: The title is taken from a scene in a movie, can’t remember the name now but it’s one of those Ashton Kutcher, love lost initially love found eventually kinda movie. Have a good day then.

  1. #1 by kemmiiii on July 26, 2011 - 23:55

    Haha! Nice!!
    See your mouth like iPad 3 why dont you jump on it!

  2. #2 by punkenstein on July 29, 2011 - 01:13


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