Colonel Stauffenberg's Lounge

El-Farooq: Aye yo wassup? Wassup? Wassup? It’s that ignant nigga El-Farooq here again. Been a while. The boy RJ AKA Mr. Birthmark On The Nut-sack has been running his RJ Show so I’ve had to step back for him but he be having writer’s block & shit like that so Imma take advantage of that & host my own version of the Idols show, the C.S.L. Idols. Now PLEASE NOTE THIS… the following contestants u’re about to see ARE NOT parodies of real life Nigerian rappers. I know some of you over intelligent mutherfuckers might be tryna equate that shit so before you get ur Sherlock on imma say this only once… DON’T TRY TO BE SMART & PUT ME IN TROUBLE. For example Larry Tha Rapman IS NOT a parody of Terry Tha Rapman. In fact I’ll twist shit up, like niggas that like wearing extra clothes, u know…

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