Bolu limped onto the porch of their safehouse and leaned on the door for a moment, before getting a key from where it lay hidden and unlocking the door to let himself in, locking the door after him and pocketing the key.

Without bothering to switch the light on; he’d walked to the house in the dark for about a half hour anyway, he got a thick cloth from the living room table, spread it on the couch before lying face down on it and getting immersed by his thoughts.

Toba had been quite excited when they got the last contract, ‘whatever was special about that job I still wonder’ thought Bolu. His left arm fell lazily to the floor, onto something thick. He felt the object, ‘a book’ and Bolu shot up from the couch; an eureka moment.

He walked to his room, switched the light there on, made for his wardrobe but stopped and changed direction to the bathroom instead. He switched the light there on and entered the ‘reflector’; a square enclosure for one person at a time with four mirrors for walls; where he’d have a good view of his injury and treat it.

He stepped out, hissing as he did, to get wool, plaster and a bottle of spirit and went back into the reflector where he picked out the lone shard of glass; the cause of his hiss, by his side. Not one to get injured often, he let a few breaths out after getting a shot of spirit ready to drench his wound in, before choosing to douse the shot in a puff of wool, which he then placed on the wound, wincing as he did.

Moments after and he’d ripped some plaster off the plaster roll, put another puff of wool doused with spirit on it and plastered his wound. He left the first aid items in the reflector, washed his face and then the blood off his injured side before returning to the room to get a shirt.

That done, he got a key from a shelf and made for the garage. Bolu brought the bulb there to life and crouched to open two large black bags. He got a doctor’s robe, a complementing identity card, he briefly held a spectacle and dropped it after deeming it unnecessary that split second.

Still crouched, he shifted to the second bag and brought out two devices. ‘Had enough fireworks already’ he thought as he did a quick sweep of the Peugeot hatchback with the bomb detector.

Satisfied, he returned the detector to the second bag and zipped it close. Then picked the second device, zipped the first bag close before finally getting into the Peugeot and driving off to Palingenesis; perhaps the leading hospital in the city, trusting bare instincts over his usually thorough thoughts that Toba would be there.

An hour and thirty-six minutes had passed since he jumped out of the Lexus when he arrived at Palingenesis, parking about 20 feet to the hospital’s entrance/exit; the closest available space to the wide, transparent doorway of the hospital ahead.

It could’ve been mere coincidence but he took note of a Range Rover parked three cars away behind him when he made to open the bonnet to disconnect the battery from the engine.

An ambulance drove into the premises then, Bolu’s prompt to walk and meet the arriving medics at the entrance. Three vehicles came alive that moment; Bolu knew only of two.

“What’ve we got here?” Bolu asked just as the ambulance’s rear opened from inside, clipping his doctor’s identity card to the chest pocket as two medics alighted. “fair, slender male with a deep wound at the shoulder.” said one. “A detective or so” presumed the other medic.

“What’s the wound’s state now?” Bolu asked in character, climbing into the ambulance and glad for a moment to see his partner.

“Goodbye!” said the second medic.

Four shots breezed past Bolu then, leaving him transfixed at the medic’s response and Toba’s sudden jerk up the bed. “Get the wheel” Toba commanded.

Bolu composed himself and moved to the front of the ambulance. Toba stood from the bed and made to shut the rear doors. Four shots broke the night’s sanity, and brought Palingenesis’ security operatives to life.

Bolu began to reverse the ambulance. “what are you doing?!” Toba growled. Bolu ignored and stopped in front of the Peugeot hatchback. “Get into the car” he told Toba.

A knife tore through the side body of the ambulance as Toba made for his exit. He recognised the knife but said nothing as he slipped from the ambulance to the hatchback.

Bolu saw the knife on his way out through the rear, brought out the EMP and hit the button without a second thought. Every electronic mechanism within the EMP’s radius went dead immediately, including the Range Rover that had stopped two cars away after seeing the ambulance reversing. The hospital’s power was back up fortunately courtesy of the stand-by generators in the compound, as Bolu expected.

Intuitively Toba lifted the small lever at the driver’s side for the bonnet to open for Bolu who fixed the battery and got into the car. Toba was looking back when Bolu began to drive out of the chaos in the Palingenesis’ parking lot, “Did you leave something behind?” Bolu asked as the Peugeot went past security men diving out of its way.

Toba settled well in the passenger seat and shut his eye. Bolu was not going to probe but after a moment, “Jade was there” he replied, eyes still shut. Bolu’s grip of the steering wheel became firmer as he asked “you know this Jade?”.

Toba turned his head away and sighed. He was not going to answer that now and Bolu got the hint. He drove them home in the silence of the night.

  1. #1 by Bankole Latinwo (@blatinwo) on September 26, 2012 - 12:50

    Nice one! You better finish the story… EMP reminds me of NFS.

    • #2 by punkenstein on September 26, 2012 - 16:36

      Lol, it will have an end indeed. thanks bro! happy birthday again!

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