Random Yarns

Twitter can be a lot of fun when observing, such as yesterday evening till this morning when tweeters went on about people sending broadcasts ‘warning’ people to stop sending broadcasts.

The general consensus on Nigerian twitter is wishing people “happy new month” is basically a lame thing to do, more so when done in a broadcast.

Happy new month by the way. Worse still though, the day that ushers this new month in happens to be Nigeria’s 52nd independence anniversary.

Happy independence anniversary Nigerians.

Cue in the reminders of leftovers from bad governance, current and past, to go along with the prevailent “be patriotic!” vs. “Nigeria is a failure” undercurrent verbal battles that ever rages, with a number of indifferent ones observing the raucous nearby while a few others are busy enriching themselves far away at the echelons.

Then when the next general elections come, and a few voices of hope begin to beg the electorate to exercise their franchise wisely, cold feet sets in and irrational decisions are made.

Well I hope that won’t be the case when it comes to that time. There was power to watch the man in power give his speech but I didn’t watch. I’m just waiting for when I can vote and end the nightmare that is this PDP government.

I believe our young ones will have it much better, well I hope so personally. Saw all my nieces and nephew together at one place for the first time since their births and, maybe that spirit of ‘responsibility’ is still far from me, but I know I believe they and their coming siblings will live a much better life than us.

That said, I was busy at a wedding reception this time last year. The aftermath of that wedding and its reception is a two month old princess, one of my nieces.

B and J

BuBu and JayJay

So here’s wishing the Oyebanjis a happy first wedding anniversary! God bless them.

And God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

While on the subject of anniversaries, happy 16th anniversary as Arsenal manager to Arsène Wenger. God bless him. And God bless Arsenal, regardless of the drought and whatever it was that must have happened on Saturday… but Jesus Koscielny, focus man, focus!

E go better.

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