Random Yarns, Cold Stuff

This was going to start with “I’ve lost interest in the internet… ” but all nine alter egos sniggered inside, at the same damn time. My mind took the cue and implored my fingers to behave, so they did… sort of.

They (the fingers) had just logged me off facebook, where I’d stumbled on someone I know oh so very well yet isn’t on my friend list. Blimey!

So I had gone to her/his page (I’d rather not reveal the gender), and you know it’s the “info” page that opens when you visit a ‘stranger’s’ wall/timeline/page.

Writing was the only “activities” entered, a good thing. “men & women” were among his/her interests, queer person maybe but certainly an open-minded person I thought.

The music got my attention. “Juju, Fuji, Apala music and JUJU” it read. Must’ve been two alter egos with a poker face when I lost hold of my laugh. ‘whatever is cracking this being?’ they thought. ‘Blame the emphasis on a genre’ retorted my mind.

This person’s gender should be obvious now. Meanwhile, aura within became frozen and led to the fingers, on the mind’s instruction, logging me off. Before they did; and they always do this, they clicked ‘home’ so I could have one last look at updates and friend suggestions from the blue and white interface.

One of the suggestions was a young woman I know not from Noah’s ark, yet she and I had about two dozen mutual friends. It gets better, these mutual friends were males. Going through the mutual friends’ list and I realised ‘she must be QCOB’, seeing as the list only had KCOBs on it. Those randy, good old clowns.

Logged out afterwards, wrote this (and PHCN restored power at the start of this bracket), went to the living room, made to play FM12 and watch movies into Saturday morning while mulling over certain drafts in my mind, including how to begin the third paragraph in the next episode of Toba and Bolu’s… existence.

There. I’ve always wanted to write a ‘cool story’.

P.S.: Then I remembered the ‘send friend request’ bit to the juju lover was left untended. And a problem with a number of us on facebook is being found in searches because we don’t use our names as it is spelt and so on.

Then there’s also being too lazy to look through the browsing history, which would take me back to the page and let me tend to the matter.



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