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Random Yarns: Misty Chats & Ringback Tunes

Last time both clubs met at Old Trafford, the match produced 10 goals with one side conceding eight of those, and just days to a rematch between Manchester United and Arsenal, both teams were involved in two highly dramatic cup matches that produced all of 21 goals.

Another goal glut, in Arsenal’s favour of course, would be lovely but it would still be a particularly difficult match to watch simply because of Robin van Persie! My great solace would be the presence of Jack Wilshere… but it’d still be difficult to watch.

And if Arsenal wins, just great! If United wins, Football Manager won’t be my consolation unfortunately. No one forced me but I’ve refused to play the game for a while now.

Then I went further (in my mind) and decided to not get FM13 until the middle of next year. So all the excitement that should’ve been at 1a.m. this morning when FM13 officially got on the market… *poof*.

It is well.

If the excitement had been left to thrive, I (may) have called a number of fellow ‘managers’ around the country to let them know… as if they wouldn’t know it was being released today.

It’s people with absolutely no love for football or with ringback tunes on their mobile lines that wouldn’t know. I may be stretching it with the ringback tunes bit though.

Never had one, never felt the need to get one. When I call you and I hear a song playing back, it better be Eminem, Fela, King Sunny Ade or a composition by Hans Zimmer playing… and you better not pick that call! 😐

But some ringback tunes will make you go “pause! The actual fuck did I just hear?!” such as one I heard singing back through my phone yesterday evening, but most definitely not to me!

It really was all sorts of wrong when I called one of “my guys” to get some info needed at the time and be greeted with ♫ … that your body’s calling me, yea… ♫ Calling who? McCaulay Culkin? No?!

Ended the call before his voice would say “hello” and paint some picture in my twisted mind! Did a sign of the Cross, picked a Bible nearby, tapped on it repeatedly and kept saying “No!”… nah, I didn’t really do that, my mind did.

It helps the imagination when your mind goes for a walk, without a leash tied to it. The danger there is it could take quite a while before returning to you.

So after the call, my mind started to wander about. Clearly this ‘my guy’ expects his callers to be feminine only. ‘why don’t we place a hidden number call to him and screw the sanity from him?’ my mind asked me.

The idea was enticing. He’d fall for it worse than Senderos fell time and again, trying to keep Drogba in check in old matches between Arsenal and Chelsea. ‘I’d give it a while then’ I replied my mind, ‘so he won’t suspect us right away’.

(Un)fortunately one’s conscience comes along and puts matters to perspective. “Why would you go on to do onto another what another did onto you not long ago?” it went.

“Would he find it amusing? You honestly didn’t when it happened to you.” it concluded. My conscience was right, I should let this prank go, and I did.

A few months ago, I’d received a message on whatsapp from a ‘young woman’ saying she knows me and likes me a lot, then proceeded to tell me her name.

Oh the joy in my heart! A female likes me? A fashion faux-pas, FM addict absolutely devoid of a proper and consistent social life? Yea right! I don’t know why but I knew something wasn’t right when I saw that name. It’s a popular name in school so it was an easy choice for the prankster.

‘It’s a prank’ retorted a convinced mind to me. ‘I agree. Let’s play along’ I thought and my mind agreed. It was here that I knew people can be so washed.

And while fixing hook-ups without actually ever meeting, I typed the number (prankster’s major mistake) into the phones of a lot of people and after almost month… found out it was one of ‘my guys’.

The fuck boy!

Riddle sorted, my imagination could no longer play along with ‘her’ messages so I began to ignore them. ‘She’ stopped trying to start conversations soon after and soon enough stopped chatting with me altogether.

That’s why I decided to not prank the ringback tune fella. It won’t be right. And I’ll ignore my mind going ‘yea riiiiiiiiiight!’ nearby. I have my studies to face!


Today is All Souls’ Day, a day set aside by the Catholic Church to remember all who have died and offer up our prayers for their souls. May all our departed rest in peace, Amen.

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