Random Yarns

The manner life hands her lessons down to one is life itself; a birth, a death, a – subtle or costly – mistake, a well taken goal, the actions or otherwise of people around us physically or virtually, life is life.

From the arrest of Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius in the wee hours of Valentine’s Day morning to the reported death of Susan Harvey, better known as Goldie, very late at night, life provided avenues for many lessons to evoke and impart in their way.

I felt sorry for Pistorius, even after it became clear that the shooting of his girlfriend wasn’t largely because he thought she was a burglar intruding. It however is disturbing to know he shot her multiple times in the head and you wonder whatever could have led him to that point.

And if Piers Morgan had his way, he likely would use the incident to burtress his point about guns being taken off people for good, even though this happened thousands of miles away in South Africa.

Whether guns should be legal only for the armed forces and law enforcement and their agents or should have stricter measures guarding its ownership by a citizen enforced, remains a debate. It nonetheless is agonising when one is told a relative or friend has died at the hands of another, who was simply ‘trigger happy’.

More agonising is being told someone you were with moments ago, having a laugh together, is dead. When it’s a popular figure however, too many people apparently forget about humanity and make themselves look silly or, rephrased, display the silliness previously hidden from the world in them.

When Goldie was on Big Brother Africa, we went in hard on her attraction to/with Prezzo and the faces she made when she cried, mostly because of him. It was fun then, leaves a bitter after-taste now.

Between two deaths, which you never see coming, two Cup favourites Atletico Madrid and Napoli crashed to shocking home defeats in the last 32 of the Europa League.

Yes, Falcao played yet Rubin Kazan claimed a massive 2-0 win at Atletico’s Vicente Calderon stadium with the second goal a comic classic for the visiting Russians.

Napoli fell even heavier at home to Viktoria Plzen and could have had it worse had a goal not been disallowed for offside in the 3-0 defeat for the Serie A side.

I was looking at both sides being in contention to play each other at the latter stages of the competition, results lately from both sides have however not been so good.

Liverpool’s loss at Zenit St. Petersburg could have been expected, Oscar’s immediate impact won it for Chelsea in Prague, Lazio got the result of the night for me in a 3-3 draw at Borussia Monchengladbach but the highlight of all first leg matches was from White Hart Lane.

Having missed a sitter with the score still goalless, Gareth Bale came up with two exquisite free-kicks, taken with so much composure; the second deep in stoppage time, to help Tottenham Hotspur secure a 2-1 win over Olympique Lyonnais.

The technique he employs to taking the kicks isn’t so much like Cristiano Ronaldo’s, but as evident from scoring three of them in the last week, it is proving very effective and serves an age old lesson yet again, “practice makes perfect”.

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