The Clubs flowing with milk and honey.

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At the start of the season, a certain Dumnodi Okonta in lagos state threw a jab at Port Harcourt based NPFL clubs. He talked of how both Port Harcourt sides, Sharks and Dolphins who got the sum of N600m each for a season should be performing better than every other club in the league. For no other club side in the league he said got such money to run its affairs.

Of course I laughed at his statement. I laughed in efik, I laughed in tiv, I laughed in esan and I even laughed in fulfude. What made my laugh all the more laughable was that I didn’t understand and still don’t understand those languages. That I dare say was how much I was moved by his statement. ‘Silly guy’ I thought at that moment. Those studio lights he gets to face too often must be affecting his brain I…

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