Random Yarns: Tribute

The last couple of months have been the best and worst imaginable. One minute the thought was of being happy to be finally done with studying for a degree then at the next moment, one is made to realise there was a snag along the way.

It is among the worst things that could happen to a person who is not even fully convinced at the usefulness of it in a country where good is preached and sold but in a flip, bad is practiced and craved for by the preachers and a good number of the believers as well.

It is what it is however, and one must learn what life has to teach on a daily basis. So I move on from my snag and register for a training; one among a few I’ve long hoped to embark on. With a few more weeks left to be done with the training, it has proven to be just the valuable learning process I thought it would be.

That helped in going through the disappointment of the snag, as did writing the articles I’ve written during that time. But most of all, it’s the appreciation, criticism and reading of these writes by you that have really helped this person from being suicidal as one of my brothers once suggested, half jokingly.

Now on this fateful day, I’m talking about some future tasks or projects that should be started with a friend and writing colleague. All is going well that afternoon when I receive a call from another friend informing me of the death of a mutual friend.

It was sudden, shocking and drained the life out of me for that moment. Here I was having a chat with a friend about what we intended to embark on and achieve in the future only to be handed a damning reminder that the future is not in my hands and that all is by the grace of God.

It also served as a reminder to never procrastinate. What good we have to do, we must do when it must be done and not when it would be ‘more convenient’.

Most of all, time is never on our side and as a result, we should always bear the parable of the three servants given different amount of talents in mind and not be the one who kept his from the world and was punished for it when the master demanded to know what had been done with the talent.

All that written, no matter how many people you may have lost to death, be it a baby right after birth, an elderly person or someone in the prime of their life, the news of a person’s demise will always take a bit from you at that moment you receive the news.

That realisation of uncertain eternity up in Heaven or down under in the fire or perhaps reborn into this world somewhere else as a new person entirely, with no recall of the life just ended. Worse is the thought of death being just that, the end. No Heaven to dwell happily eternally or hell to burn or another life to live… just nothing.

After all that came the rush of ‘but it was just the other day he was calling out states from the pulpit for their thanksgiving. He didn’t seem ill or like someone who was about to leave’. And with this, one tries to push away the notion that a death has just occured. Bro Robert can’t be dead na.

Robert Onyia, humourous man who was very particular about moral values. Robert that worked in the creatives, thinking up catchy phrases and creating like images that would help a client sell their product. Most importantly, he was a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and did his bit when it came to works of charity.

Robert Onyia, rest in peace

The prayer is that God grant his family and friends the comfort to bear his passage from this world, and that his passage will be straight to Heaven by God’s grace. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace, Amen!


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