Random Poem

First poem in more than a decade, here goes something.
Elated to get line one out of the way, now a second.
Third line and thinking should I rhyme or write free?
Stuck in this corner, on an alter ego I beckoned.

What’s the matter this time? Quick! Was having a nap.
You need help with a line. Think you’ve written some crap.
Wow! You’ve managed a rhyme. Wait, mute my harp…
You cunning flesh of slime! You deserve this catechist slap!

Oh shut it you bellend! What he deserves you do thrice more.
Oh shut it you too! Shush! Every fight here is of your cause.
I’d hand you both the slaps alas, my palms would go sore.
So enter the raucous ego to hand you both what’s yours.

Leave me out of this please. I’ve had it with these two enough.
The ”Receive the Spirit!” night? Mighty reckless they’ve been since.
And yes! I’ll spoil what you have going by stopping here.

Such a party pooper, you. No-no-no-no… No! You won’t have of my verse.
Perverse overaged twat! Maturity worse than those before you.
Boohoo! I will make my verse to his content anyway.
Okay, not exactly how he wants it but the rhyme schemes there.

Well then. All I really needed was a rhyme to help with a line.
Didn’t intend to cause… scrap that, I am happy this happened.
No don’t give me that look, I would do this again if I could.
In fact we would very soon, along with three more guys.


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