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Random Poem

First poem in more than a decade, here goes something.
Elated to get line one out of the way, now a second.
Third line and thinking should I rhyme or write free?
Stuck in this corner, on an alter ego I beckoned.

What’s the matter this time? Quick! Was having a nap.
You need help with a line. Think you’ve written some crap.
Wow! You’ve managed a rhyme. Wait, mute my harp…
You cunning flesh of slime! You deserve this catechist slap!

Oh shut it you bellend! What he deserves you do thrice more.
Oh shut it you too! Shush! Every fight here is of your cause.
I’d hand you both the slaps alas, my palms would go sore.
So enter the raucous ego to hand you both what’s yours.

Leave me out of this please. I’ve had it with these two enough.
The ”Receive the Spirit!” night? Mighty reckless they’ve been since.
And yes! I’ll spoil what you have going by stopping here.

Such a party pooper, you. No-no-no-no… No! You won’t have of my verse.
Perverse overaged twat! Maturity worse than those before you.
Boohoo! I will make my verse to his content anyway.
Okay, not exactly how he wants it but the rhyme schemes there.

Well then. All I really needed was a rhyme to help with a line.
Didn’t intend to cause… scrap that, I am happy this happened.
No don’t give me that look, I would do this again if I could.
In fact we would very soon, along with three more guys.


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Alter Egos

An alter ego is another side to somebody’s personality, one that is different from the usual personality known to most people acquainted with this person. Not to be confused with, but can in some twisted way be related to, the Horcruxes created by the shiny headed, no nosed, name not to be spoken Voldermort.

Everyone, I want to believe, has one alter ego but what I’d want to know are:

Firstly, can a person have more than one alter ego?

Secondly, if yes, what can be regarded as the safe number of alter egos one person can allow him/herself to have? Seeing how breaking one’s soul to seven pretty much spiced up Tom Riddle’s wizarding skills among other aspects of his life I’d rather not digress into – Ms. Rowling’s done a great job at that – does same fate await a person with two or more alter egos?

Again, it’s not like having an alter ego means taking a part of one’s soul to make another being but it does have same feel as the process of creating a horcrux.

All that asked, I wonder… the people who go about being suicide bombers at the peril of unassuming others unfortunate to be within their reach, do they reach to an alter ego to help in embarking on such self-fatal missions? It still seems a bit extreme to think one can actually be convinced to basically commit suicide and jolly well take a number of people along!

Then there are those who are wont of the cliche “it was the devil”, does that imply an alter ego is prone to falling to traps set in life to make a being fall for one temptation or succumb to an urge to do an evil just for the sake of it?

And just so it doesn’t seem I’m onto some plot of evil… jjc like me… I feel an actor or actress can have quite a number of alter egos just because portraying a role in a movie so well could lead to these artistes’ real persona actually taking a liking to the portrayed character. I fear though, when that actor is of the type you’ll find on 114, 115 or 118.

Finally… can an alter ego have it’s very own alter ego?

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