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Random Yarns – Mavins, Avenger Cravings…

… but first, a grinding sound gets to me from the distance just as I’m leaving my hostel to get what would be my dinner. The road is dark, there’s no light (as almost always) and unlike at Lagos, the nightlife here… is… in this part of Ilorin… the kind that allows wind to break the silence.

The grinding sound gets louder as I step on the sidewalk (sort of) yet the source of the sound remained unknown until some other fella crossing the road stepped back just in time to watch a death rider speed past and miss him by a hair’s breath, literally.

Death Riders, by my humble definition, are the blood thirsty, bone-break craving riders who ply the roads at night and often have a family or two wake in tears off news of a relative falling victim to these menaces of the night.

Really though, they are plain okada riders who for some rhetoric reason decide they don’t need to fix their jincheng’s illuminating eye hence, they are unseen at night when they go about living up to Rick Ross’ first big song.

Lord knows, you want to have your ossicles see them coming otherwise you’ll be up for a date with Mephostophilis down under or Jesus beyond the Pearly Gates. That’s assuming your soul’s not one fine print like Constantine’s was.

Constantine, one of my favourite all time movies portrayed aptly by my favourite actor. It’s in the top five for me along with “The Dark Knight”, “The Dark Knight Rises” (yes, it already is :|) and a couple others that doesn’t include all or any one of “8Mile”, “Shaft”, “The Godfather” trilogy, two instalments of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Star Wars” of old, recent or animated and none of the “Harry Potter” ‘septology’ either.

That said, the Avengers may well do a TDKR with me and overtake all to become a top five all time favourite… and that’s based solely on the “ooohs” and “aaahs” that have been said about it, including whatever it was Hulk did to Loki somewhere along.

It’s no beans though when a movie guzzles a little over $200m from your pockets over three (weekend) days, and it’s only a matter of time the billion dollar, James Cameron/George Lucas mark is attained in another record time I presume… leaving John Carter side eyeing from Mars, pondering what could’ve been.

I also wonder who between Daniel Anderson and Don Mavin would ‘side eye’ the other from a speck of the universe’s glitz “after all said and done.” And quite a bit has been said and denied and hinted and yada yada yada since the two parted company; JJC will ever be blessed for his cameo in the motion picture.

So when all I saw was “#Mavin”, “teamMavin” and a certain Otobong with “Mavin” inscribed on her (or anot[her]’s) upper milk factory when I peeped into silicon valley from reality to see what’s happening… yea, the bit that should follow is what precedes above.

Then I saw a thread of tweets by 2shotz in which he basically takes Don Jazzy’s side, imagines what would happen if Mr. Anderson drops two “WEAK” singles before washing his intentions clean and wishing “both all the best”…

“Abegi!” was my first thought but in deep structure, the thread makes sense somehow. What I make of the split and new beginnings by both is it could end up being beneficial for both.

Don Jazzy has, excluding one who wasn’t referred to as a talentless slut though could have, in a much more polite manner (in short, D’Prince sha), a founding set of acts that can get Mavin going. Going to the height he and Mr. Anderson took Mohits? We await.

For now, they’ll need to do much better than the ‘preview’ of what Mavin Records will sound like. I really wish I had waited to preview it off someone’s music player instead of downloading the songs. Whatever I feel about it, I imagine Coal going “They must be stoopeed!!” to it all.

As for Mr. Anderson, there are many ways he can stay successful though some may mean he won’t be in the spotlight as we’re used to him being. It’s hard to imagine D’banj as a label executive; which is why I’ve referred to him as Mr. Anderson all along instead, but I think he’ll do fine whichever path he treads ultimately.

The thing about his side of the tale is, it involves much more risks than Don Jazzy’s but imagine the rewards of being at the helm of “Def Jam Africa” and all. Besides, both are still signed under GOOD Music…

The journey from Mushin to Mohits was a jolly one we all enjoyed but there’s a bigger picture to paint. Evidently, the majority would’ve preferred they painted it together.

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