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Random Yarns: Now That You’re Here…

Firstly, Professor Attahiru Jega and INEC deserve your ‘general’ commendation for their conduct through this delicate period of Nigeria’s political history.

Despite many instances in which the process of electing you into office could have been perilously scuppered, Jega and his officials personified expensive composure to quell such.


Daddy Cool

Especially, had Jega reacted any manner lower than the esteemed standard he did when confronted by Godsday Orubebe during the announcement of collated results from each State, who knows if your party and the opposition would be contacting your lawyers and bracing for court days and more smear campaigns.

Instead, it’s congratulatory messages you and yours are getting at the moment, as you prepare for that time at the end of May when the -elect suffix would drop and you become President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


President-elect Muhammadu Buhari

Before then, did you notice how the phrase in the penultimate paragraph read ‘… your party and the opposition’? Just on the flip side of the week, you and the party you represent were the opposition. Turns out, c’est la vie.

Now that you have the people’s mandate to be resident at Aso Rock along with your lovely wife and lovelier daughter Zahra (oh, you have other children?), let the good work begin.

No miracles, though one or two would be much appreciated. All man would love to see happen is concrete signs of progression and a government that actually can be ‘bothered about it’; whatever it could be.


‘It’ includes a closure to the Chibok girls’ issue. Can you bring them back? Perhaps, perhaps not. Are they dead and gone? Or alas, have they been turned by their captives? Whatever it is, a closure on the matter is necessary.

Next, man would so much appreciate if you don’t allow he who is also known as Jagaban to have any negative influence over your decision making. Otherwise, you’ll start putting up toll gates at every available State border in the country for the sake of ‘projects’.

The projects that man would rather see materialise include refining of our crude oil and more crucially, selling most of the refined products here.


Power supply is another project you could work upon and the logic is simple; the halo effect from regular power supply would directly result in the sanity of product prices since fuel – refined locally – won’t be smoked off by industrial generators at our Cadburys, Lafarges and Dangotes.

Aliko Dangote, every pseudo-orphan’s long lost father, grandfather, oldest brother, mentor and what not, and supposedly one of the financiers of Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign. What now for Africa’s (official) richest person?

Honestly, couldn’t be bothered what happens with cousin Aliko now, what is more pertinent is providing widespread opportunities for the youth to take up various forms of entrepreneurship and help boost the economy from the oil-dependent brat it is at the moment.

Bringing us to the likes of Diezani Allison-Madueke, Femi Fani Kayode, Stella Oduah and more who have questionable clouds over them, loudly grumbling thunderous demands for answers by way of some form of their persecution.

The general expectation is that the General would go locking up the corrupt, like he got the Harvey Dent Act got enacted by the Nigerian constitution.

So many more things really, jobs, security, better telecoms, two Kopiko for N5 rather than one, a dearth of Dokubos and Shekaus, academic competitions having prize money equivalent to or greater than those won on ‘talent’ hunt shows and more.

But, just as Nigerians made their votes count and succeeded in handing an incumbent the quit notice, the onus remains on us all to continue where we began with the elections and make Nigeria the better country we wish it to be.

Try not to litter the roads or gutters with empty wraps and bottles of gala and LaCasera, no matter how horrid the traffic you just endured was.

Finally, and I honestly don’t know why this has been hovering on my mind long time, but sir, you’re not allowed to pass away any time soon, for country’s sake and Zahra too.

Last thing Nigeria can deal with ever again is having another good man suddenly find himself with a nation to lead in the midst of scheming bloodthirsty wolves ready to mislead the unassuming shepherd astray (read: to the ‘slaughterhouse’).

God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen!

And God bless Professor Otu, the Rivers State INEC C. O. who came up and went Alibaba on the nation.


Prof. Otu needed that halogen

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Random Yarns

I don’t know why I feel so but I hope the pity I have towards former Miss Kate Middleton is not vindicated in the coming years following her union to Prince William; a union that was placed right in our faces whether we were interested in witnessing it or not… and one would think the British are overly conservative type.

What arouses this thought is the memory of late ‘queen of hearts’, Princess Diana who became part of the royal family in pomp and all only to exit this sphere of life shrouded in dark clouds of deceit, betrayal, mistrust and rebellion, in short she passed away in a manner most un-British and devoid of the happy ever after such union promised when it was consummated in 1981.

Then in ’81 it was millions that watched the “Royal Wedding”, her son’s got some two billion people watching on worldwide via every media available; including tweets, and it all came to the “you may now kiss the bride” part… not sure that’s how the Dean of Westminster Abbey put it or Willie Willie decided to be most appropriate but a peck? Took a bit out of the Wedding’s shine but notwithstanding, a happy married life to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In Nigeria meanwhile, a good million of us hoped there would be a new leader occupying the throne at Aso Rock come May 29 but alas Jonathan Ebele Goodluck Azikiwe remains the favoured personnel of a majority of Nigerians with franchise and hence, the Bayelsa man will remain President of Nigeria till 2015 or Dame Patience’s famous greeting to her “fellow widows” comes to pass… whichever comes first.

Nonetheless, Jonathan made optimum use of the good luck that’s been with him since being Governor Dimipriye Alamieyeseigha’s deputy a little while ago but give Arsenal FC half the good luck and the Gunners still won’t ride it through to the end as can be seen by the trail of another trophy less campaign gone by… perhaps the most ludicrous since the drought began after the 2005 FA Cup win.

Definitely winning meanwhile is Karol Józef Wojtyła who was beatified earlier today in a glorious ceremony at the Vatican and from now on will be known as Blessed John Paul II. And so I pray to him, and all the angels and saints of Heaven… can Arsenal end the drought already!!!


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