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Benitez Has But Himself to Blame

Chelsea’s interim manager Rafael Benitez unexpectedly went uber-emotional on us with his outburst aimed at fans of the Blues who simply will not roll the welcome carpet out for him at Stamford Bridge, and this is months after his appointment by Roman Abramovich.

Initially via an interview with BBC Radio’s 5 Live before butressing his weary feelings at the post match conference of the club’s FA Cup win over Middlesbrough, Benitez blasted the fans for their misguided priorities and/yet inadvertently made their day by stating he would be gone at the end of the season.

I was going to compare his outburst with that of Arsène Wenger’s recently but both men’s blown cool are fundamentally very peculiar to each other. For one, Wenger’s was a lot more amusing. On another, Benitez hasn’t gone eight seasons without a trophy.

And while a majority of both club’s fans have certain levels of hatred/negative disposition towards both managers and would just love to see them leave, at Arsenal these fans just want a trophy and for the manager to spend big money in the transfer market. For Benitez, he simply isn’t welcome at the Bridge.

Back wholly to the Spanish tactician, he did make reasonable points about the fans wasting their time and energy on banners and angst against him when they should be supporting the club, as well as on being appointed ‘interim manager’, a tag that implied he wouldn’t last on the job.

That said, Benitez couldn’t have expected to be treated at the Bridge like he was a business class passenger on a long-haul Emirates flight as his appointment by Roman Abramovich was more of putting him on an interstate economy class ride on an Eurostar coach.

Besides those comments made about Chelsea while he was in his prime at Liverpool; a period in which both sides met more often in all competitions than any other two teams in all of Europe, made him a persona non grata at the Bridge. His appointment thus only made it easier to have him suffer for those comments.

But would Benitez have succeeded as Blues boss? Having won the UEFA Cup at Valencia and the Champions League *once at Liverpool? Casting all grievances aside, I honestly believe he would have failed as he currently is and here is why I feel so.

There is the Fernando Syndrome/Torres Factor ongoing at the Bridge. Only very few managers would come to Chelsea and not even consider giving Torres an umpteenth second chance. Others would simply not want to believe £50m can go to waste just like that. Well, there’s always a first time.

Second is the Roman factor. Benitez in my opinion cannot thrive under such kind of authority, as evident in his spell at Inter Milan where Massimo Moratti reigns. At Valencia and Liverpool, the hierarchy were far less… authoritative.

At Liverpool, the hierarchy has allowed managers bring in certain players including Jordan Henderson for an obscene amount and even Joe Allen. It’s under this sort of loose reign Benitez thrives on, not somewhere his request to get a player will be sanctioned or worse still for him, where there’s isn’t time and space to bring in more players owing to the lot already available.

Ideally Benitez would have a certain set of calibre of players, usually Spanish, that he would bring to the club in order to see his methods come alive. At Inter where he failed, and the Serie A generally, Spanish players aren’t exactly in demand there as it is mostly natives along with South Americans, a few Africans and a variety of others that thrive there… any variety but the Spanish one.

Without making Barcelona’s defeat at AC Milan an example, a product of the Spanish giants makes for a perfect example and Bojan Krkic is whom I write of. Going to Italy was always going to be the wrong move and though he has spurts of brilliance, he generally has declined as a footballer over the seasons.

Third, going to a club that looks set to begin searching for a 10th manager in as many years when the season’s over, was a poor choice for a manager of Benitez’s calibre and I can only blame his eagerness to return to active management for this poor choice by him.

Benitez pretty much threw himself at Liverpool, like a desperate woman complete with her red bra showing and bit too much make-up, only for Brendan Rodgers to be appointed. In the end, the lure of a good looking first team squad of players (especially the midfield) may likely have deceived Benitez into a hasty decision.

He probably should have waited for a suitable job vacancy from a modest club in La Liga or the Premier League; Swansea would have been a good project for him, or from the Bundesliga (Wolfsburg for instance) to show up. There, his rustiness in management may likely have been forgiven for a season just as he would be allowed to bring in his calibre of players.

But being a multiple-time European cup winner, Benitez most likely didn’t and still doesn’t see himself going a step or two down to manage a modest club and increase their stature with a finish in a European spot on the league table along with a good cup run.

And I really feel he should have gone this route having performed miserably at Inter, where he inherited a solid title winning team yet decided to allow his predecessor Jose Mourinho play games with his mind and make him focus on a trivial war of words rather than sustaining the team he met there.

In truth, Benitez may feel unfairly treated at the moment and maybe, just maybe some of us feel or want to feel sorry for his plight but the fact is, Benitez should never have taken the Chelsea job and since he did, he only had the heat coming for him.

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