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Cheating Wayne Rooney

On popular social network site twitter, trend topics are the word or words that have been most used in a certain period of time on the site by its users. In the England national team, the ‘trend topic’ I may say is unfaithful spouses.

But you’d think it’s the wives/girlfriends that are unfaithful seeing as the footballers are away on international duty but there’s more to being a Three Lion these days it appears. First John Terry and the mess with former mate Wayne Bridge’s now very ex-girlfriend, then Ashley Cole cheating, on more than an occasion, on ex-wife Cheryl – whose moved on fine apparently – and now; reportedly, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney on pregnant wife Coleen. Oh, there’s also the debacle of former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson with a pretty hot gal I dare say and former captain David Beckham though Becks solved his issue ‘amicably’, evident in his still alive marriage to former Spice Girl Victoria.

My guess however is, the cheating syndrome’s not rampant only with the Three Lions as I feel if it’s present in one, it’s present in all…and England’s not the only country with a national team with players of such calibre (you may interprete ‘calibre’ both ways). Problem with the Three Lions is they are trailed/tailed by a very nosy Press – it’s legendary the gossip they dig up! – so Rooney should probably have been a whole lot more discreet in his ‘ways’.

If the allegations come to be real, as no concrete comments have been made – safe for his ‘professionalism’ in handling the Press according to new Manchester City signing Mr. James Milner – but there’s always a thread of truth in every rumour. Hope for the best though with the Rooneys, they are in their mid twenties – if we need reminding – and so have much to learn still in life. Hopefully, the pressure English lads are known to undergo from the Press along with everything else English, will not crush them.

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